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Engen: Agency on white oils - Whitoil 222, Whitol 315, Whitol 346 and Whitol 368, and Re-seller status on their solvent range, e.g Fluidar 100 & 150, Fluiden(Laws), Laquer thinners, Toluene, Xylene amongst others.
Zeus(Italy) : Full range of dental and industrial Plaster of Paris and impression materials.
Haerus Kulzer(German): Full range of dental and industrial Plaster of Paris and impression materials.
Sensory FX: Flavours and Fragrances Apple Orange, Lime Lemon Raspberry, etc..
We continue to seek new growth opportunities which provides a platform for new agencies and business. A recent example of this is the building and installation, at our own cost, of the on-site 30 ton Mono ethylene glycol [MEG] bulk plant storage and repacking facility. We are prepared to actively persue and invest in these new opportunities and partners to grow our business.
A culture of innovation and continuous improvement in all areas of our business is persued. We continually strive to find new ways of adding greater value to all our shareholders and will continue on this endeavour.
Corporate Governance People
We are committed to maintaining strong corporate governance principles and practices, and understand fully that adhering and administering them is critical to us earning the respect of our key clients and all role players, in obtaining our financial goals.

  Our Staff and surrounding community is critical to our future success. We continue to attract, develop, retain and grow the best in our area, whom largely are previously disadvantaged persons. Strategic mentorship and guidance programs are in place to help our employees to achieve among other important goals, ownership.

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